Hospital Management System

WebExpertsIndia is a software company for the Hospitals to manage their day to day work as well as facilitates a strong reporting system. To increase the efficiency and better healthcare services to patients, hospitals are taking help of it revolution with centralizing their processes with hospital management system and Hospital ERP. WebExpertsIndia providing customized ERP solutions for healthcare industry in all our the world.

Our proposed system offers hospital administrators easy and convenient access to all relevant data pertaining to a patient in the form of medical record. Our Hospital Management Software can look after Inpatients, OPD patients, records, database treatments, status illness, and billings. It also maintains hospital information such as ward ID, Doctored in Charge, and Department administering.


  • Supports dynamics data sharing throughout the institution.
  • Facilitates genuine data security without user intervention to archive data.
  • Delivery excellence through hands-on experience and time-tested methodologies.
  • Endeavors a complete package for a hospital to deal with all the day to day operations.
  • Pampers comprehensive information system for hospital activities encompassing human & data processing machines.

Product Features

Audit Trial Facility
Patient-centered approach
Web-enabled applications
HIPAA compliant
Graphics enabled
EDI for insurance claims management.
Maintenance of drug inventory
Unparalleled scalability & portability
Graphical Presentation of MIS
  • In patient Management
  • Out Patient Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Laboratory Information System
  • Operation Theatres Management
  • Nursing & Ward Management
  • Casualty & Emergency Management
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